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We are now asking all players (inc Youth) to register as soon as possible. We are using a very simple online form to register players this season, one form for adults, one form for under 18s. Links to the online registration form have been provided to the players groups, please give Cort Taylor a shout if you need it emailing to you or have any queries. This season we will be using the Slate App to collect subscription fees as well as match fees across the whole club, this should considerably ease the burden on team captains and coaches to collect cash each week and remember who has or who hasn’t paid! Once you have completed the online registration form you will be added into the Slate App. Further details below


FAQ info below:

1. Can I not just pay cash? Whether you choose to use this functionality is entirely up to you if you prefer to pay cash you can still do so. But we’re hoping most of you will recognise the convenience of paying via the Slate app and not having to drive past the cash point on the way to the game.  It also saves a load of hassle for already busy club volunteers!

2. Is it secure / does the club get my bank details? Slate partners with Gocardless which is a known electronic payment provider which is like Paypal. The systems are secure and encrypted to international standards. All payment is dealt with by Gocardless, the Club and Slate do not have access to any of your bank details.

3. Can the club take money without my permission? No, the system works by sending you a request to authorise the payment which you do via the free app on your phone, if the request isn’t authorised then no payment is made. If you have a child playing for an adult team, you just need to sign them up with a unique email address for each child, but you can use the same bank details for multiple people. They can then log into the app and pay their match fees, or you can do it if you prefer.

4. Is this going to cost me anything? No, there is a transaction fee, but the club will be absorbing this and not passing it on to members.

5. It all sounds very complicated and I’m not very good with technology? Having tested the system, it’s all quite simple however we appreciate not everyone is as comfortable with technology as others. If you are struggling to get set up just email help@slateapp.co.uk and they will help you.