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You can download a printable copy of this notice and the associated Nomination/Motions Form by clicking these: AGM Notice 2015    AGM Nomination Form & Motion request

This is the formal notification for the AGM and includes a “nomination form” and a “motions form” for your convenience. Any nominations for committee posts and any motions or other business to be put before the AGM must be received by the secretary, Robin Hall, as soon as possible please.

The committee comprises five officers and up to ten general members.

All officers stand down each year and are eligible for re-election. Any officer that has been in post for 3 or more years cannot be re-elected if there is another nomination for that post. The above is all contained in our Constitution and Rules.

The Club needs active members on the committee in order to bring fresh ideas. If you would like to join the committee, fill in the nomination form, get yourself proposed and seconded and make sure that the form is received by Robin rm.hall@btinternet.com by March 12th. If you wish to find out more about what is involved then please speak to a present committee member.

If there is more than one nominee for any post then a vote will take place at the AGM.


Currently in office, the officers and committee comprise:


  • President:                  Malcolm Hooker
  • Chairman:                 Jeremy Owen
  • Vice Chair:                Alex Gibbs
  • Treasurer:                  Chris Sledge
  • Secretary:                  Robin Hall


Committee Members:

  • Rupert Dyke
  • Simon Beetham
  • Sam Baker
  • Adam Beetham
  • Jay Westcar
  • Simon Dodd
  • Mark Chinnock


All nominations and items for inclusion in the agenda must be received by the Hon Secretary asap (email accepted)