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Read the minutes for the BWCC AGM held on 26th March 2015…

Minutes of Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club AGM – 26 March 2015

1.  The BWCC AGM was held on 26 March 2015 at the Pavilion from 7 – 8.30 pm.  In attendance were:

Jeremy Owen – Chairman

Robin Hall – Vice Chairman and Secretary

Chris Sledge – Treasurer

Malcolm Hooker – President

Cortlandt Taylor

Ian Martin

John Macpherson

Rupert Dyke (arrived at 7.30)

2.         Presentation of Minutes from 2014 AGM and summary of Income and Expenditure.

An abbreviated version of the 2014 minutes was circulated and approved.

The summary of income and expenditure for the years ended 31 Jan 2015 and 2014 was circulated and approved.

3.   Chairman and Committee resignation.

The Chairman and Committee resigned.  The Chairman stated that he would prefer not to be re-elected.

The Committee unanimously thanked the Chairman for his immense contribution to the development of the Club over his 8 year tenure, particularly on the non-cricketing side.  It was suggested that he might like to consider taking the position as Club President.

4. Election of Committee

The following were elected unanimously.

Chairman – Robin Hall. Proposed by Jeremy Owen, seconded by John Macpherson

Vice–Chairman – Alex Gibbs. Proposed by the Jeremy Owen, seconded by Robin Hall

Treasurer – Chris Sledge. Proposed by Robin Hall, seconded by Malcolm Hooker

Secretary – Cortlandt Taylor. Proposed by Robin Hall, seconded by Malcom Taylor.

Youth Secretary – it was agreed to postpone a decision until the return of Simon Dodd

Club Captain – it was agreed to postpone a decision until the end of April

Captain of Stingers – Mark Chinnock.  Proposed by Robin Hall, seconded by John Macpherson

Members –  Rupert Dyke. Proposed by Robin Hall, seconded by Malcolm Hooker

John Macpherson. Proposed by Robin Hall, seconded by Jeremy Owen

It was noted that Sam Baker had agreed to captain the Ranston League side.

Mark Chinnock should be encouraged to appoint a Vice Captain to help over running the Stingers.

5.  Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer noted that there had been a deficit in 2014.  This was not a crisis.  There was still about £ 2500 in the bank after paying the insurance premiums.

During discussion, it was noted that factors in the reduction in 2014 income compared to 2013 included the reduced scale of the BWCC ball in 2014 (£ 3100), the drop in senior/family membership fees (£ 265), and the fall in donations (£ 900).  In 2015 there had also been an significant increase ( £ 1500) in machinery repairs compared to 2013 due to repair of the gang mowers, but this was a one-off cost which would not be repeated in the medium term.

No major expenditure was anticipated for 2015.  The Treasurer agreed to investigate the reason for the apparent drop in donations.

It was agreed that more needed to be done to collect membership and match fees.

There was discussion  whether BWCC should participate in the NatWest Cricket Force in 2015.  The Treasurer agreed to research whether this would be possible and worthwhile.

To enable the Treasurer to receive bank statement before each BWCCC Committee meeting, it was agreed that these meetings would in future take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

The following fees for 2015 were unanimously agreed:

Membership fees –

            Standard – £ 20

            Youth (under 18) – £ 15

            Tadpoles (under 9) – £ 10

            Family membership would be discontinued.

Match fees

            Senior afternoon matches – £ 5

            Afternoon Junior (Under 18) matches – £ 3

            Evening friendly matches – £ 3

Midweek senior matches – £ 3

Midweek junior (under 18) matches – £ 2

            No match fees were payable if a fee had been paid for hire of the ground.

It was agreed that all players must pay their match fee before the start of the match, and that these fees must be passed to the Treasurer within month of the match.

It was the responsibility of the match manager for each game to agree with the captain who would collect the match fees.

6.  The Ground

There was discussion of the drainage work to be done.  Ian Martin explained that Abbotts might be able to do it before the season started, but no contract had yet been signed. It was agreed that the Treasurer would chase up TTS to get the contract signed as soon as possible.  Ian Martin pointed out that it might be possible for the work to be done during the playing season, since they would be working on the outside of the playing area.

7.  Fixtures and Reports

The Chairman expressed confidence that BWCC could field teams for the Ranston league and the Stingers matches. The main worry was the Sunday side.  He hoped that Sport Shed, a Gillingham-based side of local 25 year olds, could help significantly.  They had expressed interest in participating in BWCC’s Ranston League games and in some Sunday fixtures.   It was important that BWCC welcomed Sports Shed, and took a long term view of their involvement in BWCC, perhaps even as a merger in the future.

Intra-club games on 19 and 26 April.  Sports Shed would be invited, as would the juniors and Ranston players.  These were important events, to assess who might be available to play this year, and who might be Captains. All Committee members should try to attend.  April 10th was Junior Registration evening- BWCC would not know till them what junior sides they would be able to put out this year.  It was agreed that the Chairman would invite Sports Shed, would ask Simon Dodd to encourage the under 15s, would contact Sam Baker to get the Ranston players to attend, and would circulate all the senior players.  The Chairman also agreed to delegate tasks to members for the 19th and 26th evenings.   John Macpherson agreed to register all names/details of people interested in playing this season on 19 April.

The tour dates of 21-23 August were confirmed.

8.  Junior reports.   These were adjourned till the Registration evening.
9.  Fund raising/Social

It was agreed that the BWCC Ball would take place on 5 September 2015.    July was now proving to be too congested with other events.

The BWCC Dinner would take place on 27 November 2015.

10.  AOB

A query had been received from Simon Dodd about the Sponsoring Award at Gillingham School Sports Night.  It was agreed that BWCC would discontinue this award.

The next AGM will be held on Thursday 24 March 2016 at 6.45 pm at the Pavilion.

The next BWCC Committee meeting will take place on 9 April at the Pavilion at 6.30 pm.

There being no other business, the AGM was concluded at 8.30 pm.