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Gillingham v BWCC, 5th May (Ranston)

Buckhorn Weston CC played their first Ranston game of the season last week (8/5), traveling to Gillingham. With the ground wet under foot, Buckhorn lost the toss and were put into field.

Andy ‘ Ripper’ Hillier opened up from the one end and started strongly, taking a wicket with the first ball; finishing the over with 2-2. George ‘ The Oven’ Ovenden followed with a maiden, with Hillier continuing the fine form to take a further wicket. As Buckhorn lost grip on the ball, the reins also begin to slip as Gillingham ended with 90 all out.

In return, Buckhorn got off to a slow start and soon lost Dan ‘ XXXXhouse’ Brickell but retained Andrew Hoskins, who went on to score a total of 27 not out. Sam ‘Sharkey’ Baker stepped up to save the day, however, hitting the ball out the park 5 times and scoring a total of 40; exhibiting his explosive batting skills. Jay ‘Wesi’ Westcar finished off the game in style with a maximum.

Man of the Match: Sam ‘Sharkey’ Baker

Buckhorn Weston win by 7 wickets.