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Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club

MARCH 2014

Hello all and welcome to a new season! 

This is the first of the quarterly newsletters that the Club will be sending out to all its members, young cricketers, and their parents.

It is a way of keeping you directly in the loop concerning all the current and future activities of the Club. These involve not only the playing of the game, but also social events and other associated commitments, such as the upkeep of our lovely ground and its facilities. Please do keep a constant eye on our website. 

Playing matters:

As many of you know, it was the Club’s full intention to join the Dorset Saturday League this season. This desire was based on the outstanding success of Mark Chinnock’s u15s last season, but after much number crunching and heart searching, we realised that we simply didn’t have the  confirmed availability of enough players to make our 2014 entry possible. I hasten to add that we still intend to look at joining in 2015, (numbers again permitting) and that our long term intention is to be able to run both Saturday and Sunday sides. Our w/e cricket for 2014 will consist of the Three Counties League fixtures supplemented by friendlies (all of which are against handy opposition), all of which are played on Sundays. 

A worrying aspect of our fixture card is the decline in weekday evening cricket. The Ranston Wednesday league side has done the Club proud over the last few seasons, and will continue to represent us in 2014, but there is also a real need to restore the more social nature of evening friendlies to our calendar. We have 7 organised so far, with more to add. They will be played on Thursday evenings, with some grub and a pint (or something non alcoholic!) in the pub afterwards. It is our aim to organise an early season social for this side – so watch this space. 

There will be plenty of cricket for all abilities this season, and we’ll continue to lead our youngsters on into senior cricket in both the Sunday and evening sides. However, we are still a small club, and although we punch above our weight on many an occasion, we must seek to expand our player base. We look forward to welcoming back last year’s u15s with a promise of plenty of senior cricket, and to recruit some more senior players. Alex Gibbs came up with a great idea – if every player brought a mate along…….end of problem.

 Junior cricket:

The Club extends its great thanks to Mark Chinnock who has finally stood down after such success with his group, and our warm appreciation too to Karen for all her support. Simon Dodd has taken up the reins and the Club will be putting out both u15 and u13 teams.  We are also running practice sessions for 6-8 years old.  All kicks off with Registration Night at 6pm on Friday 11th April

The organisation and running of youth cricket is very rewarding, but it is also a big commitment and one that frequently falls on only a few shoulders.  So a direct plea to parents especially – at the moment we are short of a team manager for the u13s, but also any further help involving team management, coaching, transport etc would be hugely appreciated. 

Club kit:Shirt_200

We want to see as many as possible playing in Club kit this season. Alex Gibbs has put much work in to simplifying the buying process, so now you can individually order and pay for shirts, caps etc directly from the makers via a website which is posted on the Club homepage. This also saves us from the expense of having a stockpile of kit waiting to be sold. No excuses! 

Social events:

The Summer Ball (19 July) continues to be a great success and our thanks to Helen Dodd, and Jeremy and Katie Owen for all their hard work and inspiration.but I also think that we could do more in terms of smaller and more easily arranged events. We are open to any ideas, and they don’t all have to be fund raising. Please don’t hesitate to come forward, as we are looking to really boost the social side of the Club. 


If you visit the club website you will also see all the 2014 dates for BWCC Golf, starting with April 14th. Course – tbc.  It’s great fun and everyone is welcome.


Can we encourage you all to visit the club website on a regular basis? It is the best way to keep up with news and details about the club. (http://www.buckhornwestoncc.co.uk/)


All in all there is much to be optimistic about for the 2014 season, and it kicks off soon. We look forward to welcoming you all back to the Bob Carter Ground in April, when it will be dry and sunny……………I promise!

Work has started on the ground this week, and evening nets will be got going as soon as possible. Watch this space!

All the very best,

Robin Hall (Hon Sec BWCC)