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News 2019

Two Compton House matches have had their venues swapped:-

>>Tues 21st June will be played at Buckhorn Weston

>>Wed 10th Aug will be played at Compton House

Changes are highlighted in red in the fixture list

N.B. Copies of the printed Fixture List are available from the Pavilion and the Stapleton Arms.

You can find all the dates, times and venues  for Men’s Sunday, Ladies of Buckhorn Weston , Stingers Evening, and Buckeroos matches via the Menu tab above.

Welcome to the 2022 season and, hopefully, the first full and regular season since 2019.  Let’s all embrace it and enjoy it!

It is a tribute to the enthusiasm and loyalty within the club that we are in a great place to have a wonderful year.  The Men’s side have a full card of regular and new Sunday and mid-week fixtures, and will be officially led by Charlie Payne, having admirably taken the role for much of last season.  The Ladies (LBWs) continue to go from strength-to-strength and will be putting out both hard and soft ball sides, led by Nicky Talbot, Roz Hartley, Amanda Horne, Amy Shankshaft and Katie Switz.  The Junior section, the Buckeroos, is now very ably run by Will Tremlett.  And our second season of All Stars and Dynamos will no doubt build on the brilliant start last year, led by Katie Ridewood.

As we are getting excited by the season ahead, we must also recognise a “changing of the guard” – after more years than I’m sure he cares to remember, Robin has decided to step down from his role of Chairman.  It is an understatement to say that Robin has been instrumental in just about every aspect of the club.  I know everyone in the club offers a huge “thank you” to Robin for all he has done, as well as his continued work on the ground.

Thank you to the previous committee and continuing VPs, as well as our sponsors.  Nick Maynard who has decided to call time on being our scorer – thank you for all that pen work Nick!  And, not forgetting, all the playing members who go out there and represent the club.

Finally, I’d like to welcome our new committee.  It deliberately represents the increasing width of the club, but as ever, is focused on growing our club, whilst keeping it fun and inclusive for all.

Go well!

Simon Dodd

Some words later…

Thanks to Rodney for these memorable photos.