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For years Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club, whose ground is one of the most attractive and best equipped in the area, has had problems in periods of sustained wet weather.  The ground has clay topsoil overlying clay undersoil, and takes a very long time to dry out after heavy rain.  Games have had to be cancelled, even when no rain is falling, as the ground conditions have not been suitable for play. Now, thanks to a grant from Sport England under their Protecting Playing Fields programme, the Club hopes that its drainage problems are about to become a thing of the past.  A contract has been awarded to M J Abbott Ltd of Dinton, near Salisbury, to construct a perimeter catchment drain around the boundary of the cricket field.

The project has been designed by Total Turf Solutions Ltd. of Quinton Green, Northampton  –  a firm of turf agronomists appointed by Sport England  –  who are the project managers. ‘ Their advice to the Club has been that the best way to seek to prevent the ground from becoming saturated is to capture the moisture descending from higher ground and to disperse it so that it does not get on to the playing area.  M J Abbott Ltd hope to complete the work by the end of April 2015, and the Club expects to feel the benefit of the work during the 2015 season, which is just beginning.

Robin Hall, the Club’s Chairman, said: “We are very pleased that Sport England saw fit to back our application for funding for this project.  We know that many other Clubs, who were also affected by the extreme wet weather in 2012, applied for grants but were not successful.  This is quite a major piece of work which we would not have been able to achieve without help from a grant funding body.” Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club has a full schedule of fixtures for the 2015 season, including Ranston League games, Sunday league and friendly games and North Dorset and other youth cricket.  All are welcome to come to the ground to watch and support the Club.  Potential new players are also most welcome  –  phone Robin Hall on 01963 370357 or Malcolm Hooker on 01963 370086.

Chris Sledge