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President – Chris Sledge

Hon VPs – J Carter, R. Farrand, R Green, M Hooker & J Owen


2019   Committee

Chairman Robin Hall 01963 370357
Vice Chairman Alex Gibbs 01747 838854
Treasurer Chris Sledge 01963 370709
Secretary Cort Taylor 07754 892908
Captains of Sunday XI Harvey Chinnock 07772 427796
Stingers Contact  Jonny Reach 07989 496653
Junior cricket Simon Dodd 01747 839842, Robin Hall
Ladies cricket Robin Hall
Welfare Officer Kathryn Mounde 01747 823860
Groundsman Ian Martin
Pavilion and Events Manager Jonny Reach
Club Scorer Nick Maynard
Captain of BWCC Golf Society Alex Gibbs (alexgibbs@msn.com)
Committee Members –
John Macpherson, Mark Chinnock, Andrew Hoskins, Paul White, Rupert Dyke


Buckhorn Weston Cricket Club Ltd.  is constituted as a company limited by guarantee.

The Directors are R Farrand, C Sledge, and R Dyke and the Company Secretary is K Lane.