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… are a bit sparse but we did have a good season!

Report from West Wilts, 18th April 2016

Well, for our first of the season there were just four of us then we were cut down to three as poor Robin was still feeling his appendix scare.  So Russell, Keir and myself set out accompanied by a storm force 10 – well maybe gale force 6 at West Wilts.  Already Keir was grumbling and talking about Bandits I saw none.  It is not a long course but the wind turned it into a strong one which we could not tame.  Funnily enough there was only one lost ball.  As we were all so friendly we awarded ourselves each a Mulligan.  Keir’s and Russell’s were soon used up.  But I, keeping score,  hung onto mine.

The outcome was: no one got the nearest the pin Prize;  Julian won the longest drive only because Keir’s better strike trickled into the rough.  Keir was third on 19 points, Russell second on 31 points but I emerged as the winner on 34.  Keir’s comment was ‘that knocks him back to 28?.

We had clear skies and wonderful views  –  we need to pay it again with a good turn out!

As ever Julian B