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Huge totals aren’t always needed for the most exciting games.   With less than 100 runs scored in total, but 1 run/1 wicket needed for either side to win as the light faded, it was a riveting match.

BWCC won the toss and confidently decided to field.  This proved a good decision with Blandford A bowled out for 41.  The opening bowlers were excellent, with Cooper taking 1 for 3 from 4 overs, including 2 maidens, and Godfrey 3 for 10 from 4 overs – with all 3 wickets coming in one over.  Munday and Paterson bowled the other 8 overs tightly and were both unlucky not to get wickets.

But the BWCC batting was another matter. The shape of things to come was set with the first ball of the innings when Godfrey holed out to Mid Off – a Platinum Duck I believe!  Things never not going, with Extras easily being the top scorer. Johnson (8), Dodd (4) and Munday (1) were the only batsmen to score.  On the positive side, the latter batsmen stuck at it and quickly realised that not getting out was the primary objective.

A very tight win.

Back to the nets!