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A narrow Buckeroos victory was gained over Mere.  The ball most definitely ruled over the bat!

Mere batted first, and Milo struck with a wicket in the first over.  The boys all bowled pretty tidily and with Cass, Rhodri and Harry giving away few runs.  Euan struck with his first ball for the Buckeroos and Charlie bowled a fine last over giving no runs away during his 3 overs.  Leo couldn’t repeat his heroics of the Sherborne game but bowled well.

Mere scored 251 for 2  –  a target I thought was well with in our reach especially as Mere were down to 7.  We batted steadily, and although losing a wicket in the 11th over, had passed their total with 3 overs to spare.   But, of course, pairs cricket doesn’t end then!  Our last pair, Charlie and Leo, kept us in suspense as Charlie was bowled (scoring 10 in the meantime) and Leo was dropped by the wicket keeper whilst attempting to clear the Pavilion with 3 balls to go.  But, worry not, we ended up winning by 10.  Phew!

I too have learnt a new lesson – the words ‘ just bat sensibly’ need a little more explanation!

Anyway – well done all, and onwards to Shillingstone on Thursday.

Hurrah the Buckeroos!